KeepHuman is an award-winning industrial design studio founded in California (2008), and based in Utah. We focus on product development and innovation for industrial design, lifestyle, health, digital experiences, furniture, and the workplace. Creating appropriate and expressive solutions at the intersection of technological innovation, human emotion, and core business values.

We develop Products, build Brands, and create Value through Design.

Christopher Rusay is Design Director and Manager at KeepHuman. He earned his MSc Industrial Design degree from the top-ranked ArtCenter College of Design. Our work has received the GOOD DESIGN Award, for Product Design, the SLAS new product award, and a SPARK finalist. Chris is a member of the IDSA, Industrial Designers Society of America.


Industrial Design

Product development process following industrial design practices.  From sketch and concept to relevant and meaningful products.  Form development and materiality defined through iterative prototyping, simplifying and refining.  Utilizing digital CAD software and 3D printing.


Design engineering practices to validate design specifications via finite element analysis (FEA).  Mechanical engineering specifications 2D design drawings, 3D CAD data, and all dimensions, surface finishes, material definitions.  Analysis for cost-effective and successful design for manufacturing (DFM).

User Experience Design

Human-centered digital product design.  User interface design and digital design for software, web, mobile, touch-screens, HMI, and MMI.  Design tools include wireframes, paper mock-ups, and interactive prototypes.  Final visual design specifications and graphical user interface (GUI).


Design Demographics™ our in-house strategy and research process provides a roadmap for product and business success.  This design thinking process utilizes ethnography and storytelling with user personas and experience maps to chart a path for business and product success.

Brand Experience

Looking at all products and touchpoints of your business. Services include brand identity, logo design, and packaging design. Environmental design and 3D spatial design are utilized to create meaningful point-of-sale, retail experiences and branded interiors.

Business Development

Focusing on business growth and identifying new opportunities.  Working with startups to create a holistic business and design strategy identifying pathyways for success.  Creating assets for advertising, marketing, PR and media across multiple channels.  Identifying need for product IP protection.



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